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Dr. John Goolsby believes that effective dentistry relies on three elements: awareness of the newest procedures in dentistry, an eye for patient comfort, and the imagination to create effective dental solutions. Clinton Family Dentistry helps the people of Clinton get the smiles they have always wanted by taking this approach.


Staying on the Cutting Edge

All medical professionals are required to undergo continuing education to stay on top of changes in technology and standards of care. However, some dentists go above and beyond, learning about these changes more thoroughly.

Dr. John Goolsby is one of these dentists. He takes well over the required amount of continuing education each year, which is how he learns of procedures such as sleep apnea treatments and cone-beam imaging assisted dental implant placement. Additionally, he feels that the whole staff of Clinton Family Dentistry should be as aware of these new developments in dentistry as he is; members of our fully-trained and qualified staff has taken these courses alongside Dr. Goolsby instead of simply waiting to be educated of these changes by him. In these respects, our dental practice makes sure to stay on the cutting edge of dentistry.

Comfort Is Our Concern

Part of a successful dental visit is the comfort of the patient. We want you to feel safe and secure while you visit the dentist, so that you can best receive the dental care you need. As such, we maintain a comforting atmosphere at our dental practice that encourages your relaxation.

One aspect of this relaxation is our spa-like atmosphere, complete with a friendly staff. The warm welcome and assistance you receive from us are our way of informing you that your comfort matters to us. Additionally, each operatory has its own television if you would like the distraction to relax. If you need further assistance in overcoming your dental anxieties, we also offer dental sedation to further encourage your relaxation at our practice.

Creativity and Gentleness

Dr. Goolsby’s experience in cosmetic dental procedures is only one end of his ability to improve the aesthetics of your smile. He also is known for his gentle touch and his creativity in providing cosmetic dental restorations. He is very careful in placing dental implant restorations, constructing the new teeth to perfectly match the smile and maximizing the comfort of his patients during these procedures.

His creativity shines when designing crowns and veneers; carefully mapping and planning restorations is critical to their success. This creativity helps him best prepare the size and shape of the restoration to best fit your tooth’s unique shape and structure. He can also apply these restorations swiftly, as he can provide crowns in a single appointment through the use of CEREC®.

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